Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Hours/Days After the Call....

In the hours and days after the call, we had so much fun sharing the good news with our family and friends.  It was so positively overwhelming to hear everyone's reactions to our good news.  We can't begin to express how much we are supported and loved by everyone around us.  The day we got the call was Megan's Grandmother's birthday and it was so awesome to call her to give her the news.  She said it was the best present ever and that it made her year!

This good news was just what both of our sides really needed.  2011 was a great year with many gifts,  but it didn't treat our family so well in the medical department.  My sister hit her head and got a traumatic brain injury that she is still recovering from, my dad continued to battle life in a wheel chair, my mom was in a bad car accident and fractured her neck, Brett's grandma was in and out of the hospital, and our sister-in-law has been battling a serious back injury and has been laid up for months awaiting major surgery.  So, needless to say.....this was the BEST NEWS EVER!! Everyone in our family needed and deserved such happy news!

Brett's grandma was in the hospital and he was able to tell her over the phone at the same time he told his parents.  She was so excited. She said, "I wanted another boy, I wasn't going to say anything about it but I'm so happy we get another boy!"  She's been battling pneuomia and TIAs and is back home now, but she says the thought of meeting the little guy is helping get her through it all.

We got all of the documents sent over to us that day and were able to have them signed and notarized by that afternoon as well as the full budget amount transfered over to the agency.  Brett working at a bank has it's benefits!  We also got the birthparents a card and each wrote them a note that was over-nighted to the agency along with all the original documents.

Since we are currently finishing the basement, Brett went into overdrive working feverishly down there.  We knew that we only had a couple of weeks to try to get it as completed as possible before the baby came.  I also used my time off to get as much done around the house as I could.  I had gotten the "nesting" bug just days before the call and had already started cleaning and organizing the house.

We are making the nursery upstairs into what is now the guest bedroom.  In order to complete the nursery we have to remove all the furniture in it and bring it down to the new guest bedroom in the basement.  This is the main reason we have to get our basement finished as soon as possible.  Also so family and friends can come to stay with us and visit the baby!

The basement in progress...

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