Friday, December 30, 2011

The False Alarm

Once we arrived we got our baggage, our rental car, and made the drive to Modesto, California to find a hotel and get settled before heading to the hospital.  Cole told us to just hold tight as we got all the information from the hospital.  

We found a hotel in Turlock, CA that was an extended stay hotel with a kitchen in every room.  We decided on Candlewood Suites and got all of our stuff settled and freshened up so we could head to the hospital when ever we got the green light.   We got antsy and decided to head over to Modesto (which was just about a 10-15 minute drive from our hotel).  We drove around for awhile updating everyone and getting super excited about seeing the birth parents for the first time. 

Cole then called and informed us that the doctors had finished doing all kinds of tests and her water breaking was a false alarm and that she was just leaking fluid.  They made sure she and the baby were healthy, checked his heart rate and made sure he was moving around.  They actually told her that he was incredible active!  Cole told us that the doctors thought she would go into labor in the days to come but if she didn't they would induce her on Wednesday.  So, we decided to stay in California because she could go anytime and we wouldn't want to miss the birth for anything.  He also told us that they really wanted to meet us and hang out.  He gave us her phone number and told us it was okay to call and set something up.  

We immediately called her (after running to the store to get a car phone charger) and she told us the story of her hospital trip again.  She unnecessarily apologized for this being a false alarm and was really sweet on the phone.  She reassured us that everything was fine with the baby and all she wanted was for him to come out when we has safe, health, and ready.  She asked us to meet them for dinner in about 30 minutes at a place right near where we were located.  

We met her, the birth father, and his parents for dinner at BJ's restaurant in Modesto, California.  It's a nice microbrewery/restaurant that is part of a very nice outdoor shopping center.  

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  1. Brett and Megan I can’t even begin to tell you how much it put my heart at ease knowing that my first grandchild would be going to such an amazing, loving and deserving couple. It is unbelievable to think that while your adoption journey was beginning a different adoption was journey was underway only two thousands miles away.

    I never imagined that my 16 year old son would come to me and tell me he was expecting a child but the best parental lesson I learned many years ago was to “Never Say Never” and despite discussions of birth control and practicing protective sex here I was learning my child, my baby boy, was having a baby himself. I have to admit initially it didn’t seem real but as weeks turned into months it was visibly obvious that in a few months my first grandchild would be born. The kids vacillated between keeping their baby and giving him up for adoption. Ultimately choosing adoption was the choice made and despite what I felt the decision was neither mine nor my husbands to make and even though we could have financially taken care of him until the kids were on their own two feet they wanted their son to have a complete family from the beginning, one which was financially and emotionally secure. I could not argue with that as that is the same wish my husband and I shared when we began our family almost 20 years ago.

    Watching my son and his girlfriend make this courageous and selfless choice reassured me that as a parent I had succeeded in raising a wonderful child who had to become an even more wonderful man much sooner than expected. This choice these kids made is one that I can only look on in admiration, to give a gift such as this is something I could only be proud of and though I have shed many tears I am in awe of the decision they have made. Although I will miss my first grandchild’s milestones and numerous firsts, I will have this opportunity again. As they painstakingly poured over what seemed like hundreds of prospective parents profiles and eliminated one after another for what others may seem frivolous reasons I knew the kids were ensuring that the child they created had the life they dreamed of. When they brought me your profile I understood the choice they had made and the faith they have placed in you. Please know not once since your initial contact have they waivered in their belief you could provide the life they want for their child. Although I know that in the weeks, months and possibly years to come that they may shed a tear for what they have lost they will smile more for what they have gained and for that I am forever grateful! So as you embrace their miracle of life they have given you into your family, we will embrace the miracle of the lives they will now get to have that you both have given back to them.