Sunday, January 1, 2012

1/1/2012 New Years Day

We just hung out at the hotel today and watched the St. Louis Rams take on the 49ers on TV.  How ironic it is that the one game we are out of town for they happen to be playing the local team. :)  Unfortunately the game didn't turn out like we had hoped...of course we are not surprised.. but they made a game out of it anyway.  While we were watching, the stats for a new young player for the Rams came across the screen.  The 4th string quarterback, Tom Brandstater (who had to come into the game because everyone was hurt) was from Turlock, CA, the town that our hotel is currently in.  How fun is that??? 

After the game we headed to the mall in Modesto to look for a gift for the birth parents.  We wanted to get them something that would embody his birth and be a momento they could keep forever.  We also wanted to make sure it was something they both could appreciate and keep individually.  After going in every store, we decided to call it a day. 

On our walk back to the car, Brett came up with a great idea.  We could engrave a charm similar to a dog tag with his initials and birthday that each of us could have and wear if we wanted or treasure as a keepsake.  We were at peace with this idea and were excited that it would be something that would unite all 5 of us, and every time we looked at it we would think of each other.  We found the perfect site online to order them from once he was born!

We ate dinner at the hotel and then went into Modesto to see a movie.  We went and saw "New Year's Eve" which was so appropriate for the day and a pretty good movie!

It was nice to have a relaxing start to the New Year today.  We are so excited for this to be the best year of our lives!  Cheers!

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