Monday, May 30, 2011

Our journey begins...

We officially began the adoption process when we completed the adoption application for American Adoption Services on Saturday.  So the adoption process has officially begun for us.  It will be a long road and God only knows where the road will lead us.  But whatever that might be, we are very excited about it.

Once our application is processed, the next step will be to get an "adoption home study," which involves having our home inspected and approved that it is safe for our soon to be child.  Also involved are criminal and financial background checks, as well as personal background checks.  So eventually, friends and family members should be prepared to be called and "interviewed" about whether we would make good parents or not.  We will let you know when that time is near.  The whole "home study" process should take anywhere from 30-90 days.

Seems like we have been working towards creating a family forever.  We started trying to get pregnant nearly six years ago.  We got married in April of 2003, so we really have been working on this the majority of our marriage.  It's been a humbling experience for us, and ultimately has brought us much closer together.   Over the last year plus, we have done many IUIs to no avail.   The IUIs are extremely invasive, including injections and visits to the clinic and drugs with unpleasant side effects.  This post is from a male perspective, so please forgive me as I cannot accurately describe or express what Megan has gone through to this point.

Our pregnancy specialist suggests that the next step is in vetro as he insists neither of us are infertile.  The success rate of that can be anywhere from 35% - 65%.  Considering that in vetro is an even larger financial commitment than IUIs, we have decided that adoption is where fate is leading us.  Both adoption and in vetro can cost upwards to well over $20,000 apiece.  We have decided to use that financial commitment to adopt a child.  We have seriously considered in vetro and we respect and admire anyone anyone who chooses that route. 

Good time for a disclaimer here: These are the opinions of me, and I am not looking to offend anyone with my comments or thoughts (including my wife Megan).  We've definitely learned (and will continue to learn) that everyone who goes through any stage of any of this, will come to their own conclusions and suggestions.  We respect that whole heartedly and wish to hurt no ones feelings with anything we post on this blog.  This blog is purely an informational point of view from us, as we find ourselves talking and sharing with many friends and family members. 

We will share much more soon, but if you want a quick insight into a little more of what Megan has had going on recently, check out 

Thanks for reading.... Brett

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